A Fresh New Look | Apptreme Studio

A Fresh New Look

Notice anything different? Yup, we have given the website and fresh new look.

The updated website is the natural progression which we think that shows the growth of the company.  The website is styled to feel dynamic and lightweight, with a responsive design that scales to any screen size from desktop to tablet and mobile.

Together with the update website, we have also given our corporate logo a makeover.

Apptreme Studio

Apptreme Studio Corporate Logo









The colour has been slightly tweaked and it reflects the excitement, enthusiasm and confident that we have in producing quality mobile applications for the market.  The exclamation marks is made up of two parts, the ballon shape represents us while the dot represents the users. We strive to bring professional and quality mobile applications to the users.

The refreshed website and new logo is just the beginning of other exciting things coming your way.