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Air Beamer

Project your photo and Powerpoint to multiple screen at once

Share your Photos and Powerpoint with your friends and family with ease

Ever wanted to give a powerpoint presentation wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod Touch without additional presentation software or share a photo with a friend who has a laptop but no phone with them? Look no further, introducing Air Beamer!

Air Beamer projects Powerpoint (PPT/PPTX) files and photos wirelessly from your iOS devices to a web browser connected on the same local network. No wifi network nearby? No worries! Air Beamer allows you to use your mobile hotspot feature in your iPhone to project the presentation/photo. No additional client software or special hardware is required.

Always be ready with your key presentations in your pocket. Air Beamer is perfect for:
* Classrooms
* Boardrooms
* On-the-go presentations
* Sharing photos with friends and family

Just fire up Air Beamer and type in the displayed URL in your web browser. If your friend/family has a QR reader installed, they can just point the camera to the QR code to open the URL. Then flip through the pages or photos on your iOS device and the remote display updates automatically.

PROJECT PowerPoint
Send PowerPoint documents from Mail or a third party document manager, such as DropBox, to Air Beamer to present them.
Note that animations and transitions aren’t saved in Powerpoint files.

Air Beamer supports the newest versions of all the popular browsers: IE7+, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Chrome, etc. Earlier browser versions may not have have all the required APIs to display correctly.