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Ambient Cafe

Ambient sounds and white noise to help you relax, focus, and escape

Immerse, relax or boost your creative thinking on the go!

Where do you go to get real work done? The coffee house, the beach and the train of course!

Based on research that shows ambient noise boosts creative thinking, the Ambient Cafe app streams the ambient sounds of 8 different environments right to your iOS device.

The environment includes:

  • Coffee Shop:Use the ambient sound of s coffee shop to unleash your creativity or just relax. This coffee shop can be taken with you wherever your work or relax!
  • Rain:Immese yourself in the thunderous sour of rain
  • Fountain: Relax in the soothing ambient sound of the flow of water
  • Train:Start your train of thought with the clickety clark sound of a train
  • Children: Let the children’s enthusiasm fuel your creative thoughts and turn your work into play
  • Field: Create a peaceful ambience anytime with the sound of the crickets in the field
  • White Noise: Many people use the soothing white noise to sleep, to mask tinnitus, to help lam babies and even as background noise when it is just too quiet
  • Wave: Relax on the beach from anywhere in the world

With the app, you can:

  • Mix Ambient Cafe with iTunes (even if iTune Match), Spotify, Pandora and other music apps!
  • Easily adjust the balance of Coffitivity and your music players!
  • Filter through multiple audio tracks to choose your ideal environment
  • Use Ambient Cafe on the go – even without access to the internet. All offline so you don’t need to pay for hefty network charges