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Nike+ Running sync to Evernote

Sync your Nike+ runs to Evernote quickly and seamlessly!

Are you an Evernote and Nike+ user?
Both platforms are built for its own purpose: Nike+ is to keep your running session while Evernote is ,well, basically to remember everything!

Have you ever tried to sync your Nike+ run to Evernote for tracking your fitness goals? Currently, the process is very painful and time consuming, copy some data here, paste other data there. Well, with EverPlus, this is a thing of the past!

Introducing EverPlus, the revolutionary and only app that syncs your Nike+ runs to your Evernote account. It will even sync your routes(if you are using a GPS device) over as well!
Its simple one page format allows you to quickly and cleanly view your runs details.

EverPlus helps you do the following easily:

  • Enter running session as you completed them.
    Sync the data to Nike+ first. From there, launch EverPlus, Everplus will then retrieve your unsync runs and ask you if you want to resync them. No need for manual data input which is time-consuming! Let EverPlus do the hard work!
  • View and measure past performance –
    Nike+ users would agree that Nike+ is not a great system to do searching but Evernote is!After syncing your run sessions to Evernote using EverPlus, you can quickly look for your runs by searching for nikeplus(tag name), dates, distance, pace, etc. Look at your 5k times trendings easily. No sweat at all.
  • Use the tools that you are already using!S Chances are, you are already using Nike+ and Evernote! It is a good idea to continue on both platform and let EverPlus help you make better use of them.
  • Get Organised!
    Everplus uses a simple, clean and efficient format to sync your Nike+ run sessions to Evernote, allowing you to view the important details without losing sight of your running goals
  • Export your running routes out of Nike+!
    If your runs contains GPS coordinates, EverPlus will extract and export them into a GPX file and add it to your notes. You then can use this to easily view your running route outside Nike+

With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Get EverPlus today and enjoy the freedom of using 2 platform to track your runs!