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Note Widget

Fastest and most efficient way to add note,to-do,reminders,shopping list

Fastest and most efficient way to add note,to-do,reminders,shopping list

Feeling lazy to open up your notes, reminder apps to view your note,to-do,memo? Feeling there could be a much more efficient and powerful way to create memos on your iOS device yet there is no way to do so?

Introducing Note Widget, the fastest and most secure way to create a note widget that will show your notes in your home screen without needing to launch the app itself!

With Note Widget, you can place an editable note like a sticky note on your iOS today section of the notification center! It is now so much more convenient for you to check the content by looking at the icon on the notification center without starting apps like to-do list or shopping list.

You can create a note widget easily by either selecting one of our preset examples or you can actually customised the color and style of your notes widget with our customisable advance option!

Never worry if you want to change the settings of the note later, as we allow you to do customisation to the fullest!

We will only access the internet during the first and the second time you use the app. From there onwards, everything is done locally within your iOS device and you can be ensure you are the only one who can view your notes.

So what are you waiting for? Get Note Widget today and see how your life can be simplified!