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Quick Communicator

The only app that allows you to create lightning fast access to your call, sms, iMessage, facetime and whatsapp contacts

The amazing and revolutionary app that allows you to create home screen shortcut for your communication needs

We all use our mobile device to contact intimately with our love ones and the mobile device has become a huge part of our daily life. However, communicating with these devices aren’t often simple.

Typically, the following steps are required to chat with a love ones 
1) You tap on the app icon to launch the app 
2) You search for the contact you wish to chat with 
3) You attempt to choose the telephone number to start the conversation 
5) You tap the blue send button to send the message or the call button to start calling. 
What if I tell you there is a faster, more efficient way of doing this? 

Introducing Quick Communicator, the only app that allows you to create custom shortcut icon for your communication needs on your mobile device screen! 
Unlike many others speed dial apps that require user to tap twice (1 time to launch icon, 1 time to confirm call when prompted), speed dial icon created by Shortcut Communicator will launch the action immediately! Shortcut Communicator does not require Internet connection unlike the other speed dial apps out there! 
In order to create the communication shortcut, Just follow the steps inside Quick Communicator as well as mobile safari after Quick Communicator launch it. Its that simple! 
From there, you will be able to quickly access the shortcut via your home screen. 

Benefits of using Quick Communicatior: 
+Extremely direct access to start communicating with your love ones! There is no need to fiddle with your contact data anymore! 
+Ability to group all your shortcuts into folders on your iOS device home screen 
+Ability to search for shortcut via Spotlight and launch it directly from there 
+Visually appealing! Shortcut will contains the picture of the contact (you can choose the picture!) 
+Useful for older folks as you can create shortcut with pictures for them – they do not need to fiddle with the phone anymore than they need to! 

Quick Communicator supports the creation of shortcuts for the following purpose: 

  • Telephone calls
  • SMS
  • iMessage (together with SMS)
  • Facetime
  • Whatsapp!

What are you waiting for? Get Quick Communicator today and start communicating with ease to your love ones!