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Wallpaper Liberator

Be in control over how your home screen should look like

Showcase your latest photo or wallpaper on your screen without restrains

No matter if you want to let you photo or wallpaper be the centre of attraction on your iPhone’s screen. Or you just want the have the freedom to place the app icons to your preferred location. Wallpaper Liberator is the only app that allows user to have precise control over how the screen should look like. This simple yet fully functional application will provide you with the tools you need to let the wallpaper shines by itself.

Wallpaper Liberator simply creates icons that mimic the photo/wallpaper at placement which you want to replace. All you need is to replace the newly created icons with the current ones. Removing the icon is similar to removing an app on your phone.

The only thing that is restricting you is your creativity!

For users on iOS 6 and earlier:
There will be shadow and border around the icon as this is an expected behaviour due to the OS. Please be assured that this will not reduce your overall experience.

Wallpaper Liberator Video Tutorial available here.