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ERA 2: Evernote Reminders on Your Notification Center

We are happy to announce that our latest app “ERA 2: Evernote Reminders on Your Notification Center” is now available for download on the App Store. Like many Evernote users out there, we do use it for many uses and setting reminders is just one of them. Currently there isn’t a fast and easy way for Evernote users to view, create and check their reminders. With that in mind, we have developed and successful launched ERA 2.

ERA 2 works in a way that will enhance user’s productivity and puts him/her in focus on the task on hand without distractions. Users can easily create, view and check-off reminders right on the Notification Centre. There’s no need to open up the Evernote App nor the need to unlock the iPhone or iPad to access the reminders.

ScreenShot-2Key features of ERA 2:

• Create Evernote reminders simply and quickly via a touch of a button
• View all your Evernote reminders without leaving your current app
• Check off reminders that don’t need reminding without leaving your app